Clogged Sewer Leaking Pipes in Basement - St Clair shores

I called after hours yesterday because dirty brown water was coming out of the tub and overflowing from the toilet, covering the bathroom floor and going out into the hallway. Then that water seeped through the floor and down to the basement. Water was flowing out everywhere from the basement ceiling. I was panicking and couldn't reach any plumber. Parker Brothers were the only one to answer and they came over, even tho it was after closing time. Robert and Darrell opened up my clean-out outside. Turns out there were thick tree roots in there which caused everything to back up. They used an eel to cut up the tree roots. They came back today and replaced a drum trap beneath the tub and a lot of other things, some which I knew were problems but hadn't gotten to them yet. They were very nice and courteous and did an excellent job!! Thank you, Robert Parker! 8-12-2014

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